Friday, November 20, 2009

Take a Hike

One of favorite Lake Superior hikes is the mile long trail from Miners Castle overlook to Miners Beach. Put on your hiking boots and come along with us.

We are on our way

Skye has been ignoring this sign all her life

First view from the top

That is our destination

The trail leads into the woods

The light coming off the lake

Are you able to keep up with us?

The trail is a little rocky at times

Through the poplar forest

This is why you wore your hiking boots

A bridge that makes things easier

Going down to the river

Come on, you are not even keeping up with the dog

Miners River, sometimes called the Brandywine

Now the trail levels out along the river

Following the river

The last bridge

Miners River

Almost to the beach

One more dune to climb

Where the river meets the lake

Miners Beach

Now you have a decision to make. We are going a half mile further down the beach to the waterfall

Glad you decided to come along

Here we go

Our final destination

Thanks for hiking with us. Back at the cabin. Time to put our feet up and take a break