Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapel Hill/East Lansing

We have found living in Chapel Hill to be very much like living in East Lansing. It has the good walkability, the vibrancy and culture of the university, and Franklin Street is very much like Grand River Ave.. We continue to enjoy the good coffee shops, restaurants, and campus atmosphere.

However, there are some differences:

  • Very hilly, when walking it seems everything is uphill
  • Leaving home without a jacket
  • Pedestrians rule-every car stops for you
  • Sidewalks are never slippery
  • Columns on all university buildings
  • Healthier eating with Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's grocery stores
  • You can make outdoor plans, because the sun is always shining, at least there are no all day rains
  • There is a great sense of history, exemplified by the many monuments on campus
  • Fewer empty commercial buildings
  • Commercial entities are hard to find because they have no signs, and are hidden behind trees
  • Trees, trees everywhere
  • Chapel Hill lacks the quality of entertainment that Wharton provides
  • There seeThe colorful brick wall of an alley: one of ma...Image via Wikipediams to be murals on every brick wall in town
  • The campus has a central area called "the pit," surrounded by the bookstore, union, cafeteria, and two libraries
  • It is always good driving weather
  • A stronger sense of preservation
  • The older and permanent look of more brick buildings
  • 80 degrees in February
  • The greenways make great places to walk and run with trees instead of traffic

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Romping With Ryan

The reason we have come to North Carolina is to be with Ann, David, and Ryan. We are walking trails, playing on beaches, visiting museums, and having good family times together.

Here are some pictures of our last couple of outings.

Checking the map at North Carolina Botanical Gardens.

Somewhere along the trail Leslie and I became the "chasers" or "Indians," and Ryan and Ann went sprinting down the trail ahead of us.

Trying to catch up.

He is off again!

South of Chapel Hill is Lake Jordan. We had a fun day there with a picnic, walking along the beach, and playing in the sand.

Ryan with his friend Evelyn on the beach.