Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MSU Favorite Places

We have each selected our five favorite places on the Michigan State University campus. The criteria we used was that it must have been a significant place during our undergraduate years, and remained a favorite over the passing years.

Leslie's #1: Sanford Woodlot. Immediately, I found this woods along the river. Walking the long path has always been a peaceful respite.

Tom's #1: The Sacred Space. It lies in the shadow of Beaumont Tower. It is the historical center of campus, and has survived numerous attempts to develop it, and as a result, it has become a very special, and very favorite place.

Leslie's #2 The Sacred Space. A beautiful calming place. This is an Oak Opening scattered with huge broad trees and pathways.

Tom's #2: The '66 Sycamore. I met this tree in 1966 as a high school junior and the tree, and the field surrounding it have been a part of my life ever since. We gather here before each football game to share the pregame with the marching band.

Leslie's #3: This area is called People's Park named after a park created during the racial political activism of the late sixties and early seventies. Activists camped here in support, while we were camping in married housing. The river runs across the picture.

Tom's #3: Beal Gardens. Thank you Professor Beal for creating such a wonderful place to relax, reflect, and learn.

Leslie's #4: In 1913, MSU purchased a farm with a long sandy ridge. The loose sand was often blown into the nearby fields and was a hazard to crops and workers. In 1914, Sanford, Professor of Forestry, planted 5 different kinds of evergreens as an experiment. Red Pine was an overwhelming sucess. I've always liked walking through the shady grove.

Tom's #4: The Wonders Hall area. Wow. It was here that I lived my first two years of college life. It was here that I met my wife. It was on these athletic fields that I had a few moments of glory. It was while walking in front of Wonders that I first got the courage to hold Leslie's hand. Finally, I can show you the spot in front of Wonders, where we loaded my Mustang, before leaving on a wild trip to New Orleans, and the Mardi Gras.

Leslie's $5: This is the woods outside the oldest dorm on Campus. This scene would pull me out the side door of Mary Mayo Hall (didn't fit in picture).

Tom's #5: Red Cedar rapids area: A tranquil place by the rapids of the Red Cedar River, as it flows by People's Park, near where most of our education courses, and graduate level courses were taught. It brings back memories-everything from breaks during college classes to the Dinosaur Dash 5K road race.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrating Our Farmer's Market

Once again East Lansing's Farmer's market opens, and our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables goes up dramatically. So, from now until October it is an every Sunday walk to fresh produce.

Some of what we came home with on our first visit.

Kale, parsley, and peppers to go in the "Inca Garden."

The Inca Garden, so named because of the use of terraces.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carolina Skies

Just before noon, while walking, the sky caught our attention.
It was the deep "Carolina Blue."
A little later the clouds began to decorate the sky.

North Carolina gives one more reasons to be a sky watcher.
Enjoying a beautiful day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapel Hill/East Lansing

We have found living in Chapel Hill to be very much like living in East Lansing. It has the good walkability, the vibrancy and culture of the university, and Franklin Street is very much like Grand River Ave.. We continue to enjoy the good coffee shops, restaurants, and campus atmosphere.

However, there are some differences:

  • Very hilly, when walking it seems everything is uphill
  • Leaving home without a jacket
  • Pedestrians rule-every car stops for you
  • Sidewalks are never slippery
  • Columns on all university buildings
  • Healthier eating with Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's grocery stores
  • You can make outdoor plans, because the sun is always shining, at least there are no all day rains
  • There is a great sense of history, exemplified by the many monuments on campus
  • Fewer empty commercial buildings
  • Commercial entities are hard to find because they have no signs, and are hidden behind trees
  • Trees, trees everywhere
  • Chapel Hill lacks the quality of entertainment that Wharton provides
  • There seeThe colorful brick wall of an alley: one of ma...Image via Wikipediams to be murals on every brick wall in town
  • The campus has a central area called "the pit," surrounded by the bookstore, union, cafeteria, and two libraries
  • It is always good driving weather
  • A stronger sense of preservation
  • The older and permanent look of more brick buildings
  • 80 degrees in February
  • The greenways make great places to walk and run with trees instead of traffic

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Romping With Ryan

The reason we have come to North Carolina is to be with Ann, David, and Ryan. We are walking trails, playing on beaches, visiting museums, and having good family times together.

Here are some pictures of our last couple of outings.

Checking the map at North Carolina Botanical Gardens.

Somewhere along the trail Leslie and I became the "chasers" or "Indians," and Ryan and Ann went sprinting down the trail ahead of us.

Trying to catch up.

He is off again!

South of Chapel Hill is Lake Jordan. We had a fun day there with a picnic, walking along the beach, and playing in the sand.

Ryan with his friend Evelyn on the beach.

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Unique February Day

A day that featured warm temperatures, sunscreen, shorts, and baseball. Something that us Michiganders are not accustomed to in February.

The North Carolina baseball stadium is within walking distance for us, and the Tar Heels are nationally ranked which added to the excitement.

Hey! batta-batta SWING!
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Friday, February 25, 2011

No Boxes This Year

A tour of our FURNISHED apartment, as opposed to the apartment full of boxes from last year.

This apartment is not as large and bright as the last, but it has a great location.

Gazing at the computer screen waiting for the baseball season to begin.

Dining space with microwave and clock.

Half the cupboard and counter space of last year.....

.....but better decorated with Ryan's picture of a snow storm. (a click or double click brings the picture full screen)

A great bed, to our surprise.

A vanity/desk, and pictures from home.

Two closets!

The apartment is fine, Chapel Hill is great, and we are enjoying time with Ann, David, and Ryan.

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