Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MSU Favorite Places

We have each selected our five favorite places on the Michigan State University campus. The criteria we used was that it must have been a significant place during our undergraduate years, and remained a favorite over the passing years.

Leslie's #1: Sanford Woodlot. Immediately, I found this woods along the river. Walking the long path has always been a peaceful respite.

Tom's #1: The Sacred Space. It lies in the shadow of Beaumont Tower. It is the historical center of campus, and has survived numerous attempts to develop it, and as a result, it has become a very special, and very favorite place.

Leslie's #2 The Sacred Space. A beautiful calming place. This is an Oak Opening scattered with huge broad trees and pathways.

Tom's #2: The '66 Sycamore. I met this tree in 1966 as a high school junior and the tree, and the field surrounding it have been a part of my life ever since. We gather here before each football game to share the pregame with the marching band.

Leslie's #3: This area is called People's Park named after a park created during the racial political activism of the late sixties and early seventies. Activists camped here in support, while we were camping in married housing. The river runs across the picture.

Tom's #3: Beal Gardens. Thank you Professor Beal for creating such a wonderful place to relax, reflect, and learn.

Leslie's #4: In 1913, MSU purchased a farm with a long sandy ridge. The loose sand was often blown into the nearby fields and was a hazard to crops and workers. In 1914, Sanford, Professor of Forestry, planted 5 different kinds of evergreens as an experiment. Red Pine was an overwhelming sucess. I've always liked walking through the shady grove.

Tom's #4: The Wonders Hall area. Wow. It was here that I lived my first two years of college life. It was here that I met my wife. It was on these athletic fields that I had a few moments of glory. It was while walking in front of Wonders that I first got the courage to hold Leslie's hand. Finally, I can show you the spot in front of Wonders, where we loaded my Mustang, before leaving on a wild trip to New Orleans, and the Mardi Gras.

Leslie's $5: This is the woods outside the oldest dorm on Campus. This scene would pull me out the side door of Mary Mayo Hall (didn't fit in picture).

Tom's #5: Red Cedar rapids area: A tranquil place by the rapids of the Red Cedar River, as it flows by People's Park, near where most of our education courses, and graduate level courses were taught. It brings back memories-everything from breaks during college classes to the Dinosaur Dash 5K road race.

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