Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not All My Heroes Have Been Cowboys

This is a photographic tribute to my all time favorite ball player: Ryne Sandberg. To learn more about him go here. My prediction for the 2009 baseball season follow the photos.

From that rookie year as a Phillie to that first year as a skinny 3rd baseman, to getting moved to 2nd base, and becoming the all time best at that position, to the MVP season of 1984, to the rest of a Hall of Fame career, and now managing in the minors, first at Peoria, and this year with the Tennessee Smokies, and hopefully soon with the Cubs.
I love to play baseball. I'm a baseball player. I've always been a baseball player. I'm still a baseball player. That's who I am.
Ryne Sandberg

I was in awe every time I walked on to the field.
Ryne Sandberg

I was taught you never, ever disrespect your opponent or your teammates or your organization or your manager and never, ever your uniform.
Ryne Sandberg

Predictions for 2009
National League
1. Mets: No choke this year
2. Phillies: Almost impossible to repeat
3. Braves: Improved, could be a factor
4. Florida: good young pitching, but not ready yet
5. Nationals: at the bottom and staying there
1. Cubs: They win for 3rd year in a row, but it is close
2. Cardinals: The rivalry really heats up this year
3. Reds: Improving despite Dusty
4. Brewers: They had their chance last year
5. Pirates: Up out of last place, a baby step
6. Astros: One great pitcher, and nobody else
1. Dodgers: Manny makes the difference
2. Giants: Good pitching overcomes everything else
3. Rockies: The surprise team of the league
4. Diamondbacks: Everything falls apart for them
5. Padres: Worst team and without hopeful signs
American League
1. Yankees: Order is restored in the baseball world
2.Red Sox: This race goes right down to the wire
3. Rays: Good again, but fade in August
4. Orioles: Have a good year, just in the wrong division
5. Blue Jays: Not enough pitching to compete
1. Indians: They are good every other year, 2 ex Cubs help
2. Twins: They always find a way with sound fundamentals
3. Tigers: Just too many question marks with pitching
4. Royals: Watch out could really put it together
5. White Sox: Where all Cubs fans put them
1. Angels: Should cruise easily again
2. Athletics: Added the missing pieces, its possible
3. Texas: Best bats, worst pitching
4. Mariners: A lot better, but still in last place

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