Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carolina Greenways

Our recent visit to the Research Triangle area in North Carolina introduced us to the idea of greenways, and as runners, walkers, and bikers it was a wonderful find.

What is a greenway anyway? Here is a formal definition: A greenway is a long, narrow piece of land, often used for recreation and pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

The term greenway comes from the "green" in green belt and the "way" in parkway, implying a recreational or pedestrian use rather than a typical street corridor, as well as an emphasis on introducing or maintaining vegetation, in a location where such vegetation is otherwise lacking.

The Cary area where we were staying was filled with greenways. Currently there are 40 miles of interconnecting paths, with plans for 20 more miles in the near future.

For a runner from Michigan this was a unique situation, that is the ability to run for miles on smooth trails amidst lush vegetation, with no cars, and lots of other runners.

Our house in Cary.

Our house mates. (Picture taken on the capital grounds in Raleigh).

Our place on the North Carolina State campus.

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  1. Beautiful area, isn't it? The paths look nice, are bikes allowed? YOU have a dorm named after you already??? :-) vr