Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Africa Superlatives

With my son and daughter-in-law heading for Africa, it is time for a look at the "Dark Continent." (Thanks to The Africa Book by the Lonely Planet)

Population: 910 million. They are growing faster than anywhere else on earth, and account for 14% of the world's people.

Area: 30 million sq. miles. Africa is just over 20% of the earth's land area.

Countries: 54 Languages: 27,
with 1800 spoken.

Best Natural Feature: Dotted with volcanoes, lakes, and exquisite escarpments, the Rift Valley is the world's most stunning scar.

Highest Mountain: The snow capped volcano Mt. Kilimanjaro rises magnificently from Tanzania plains.

Best Waterfall: Victoria Falls-this mind-blowing waterfall is justifiably ranked as one of the world's seven natural wonders.

Best Outdoor Activity: A no-brainer-Africa is blessed with the most entertaining wildlife on the planet and spectacular backdrops, so you cannot beat a safari.

Most stunning City: Lapping at the base of Table Mountain's striking sheer bluffs is the cosmopolitan South African city of Cape Town, and its bounty of

Ethiopia green coffeeImage by tonx via Flickr

beautiful beaches.

Best Cup of Coffee: Ethi
opia is the birthplace of the bean and coffee isn't just consumed there, it's celebrated.

Strangest Animal: The aye-aye with the face of a ferret, the teeth of a rodent, the ears of a bat, massive middle fingers, and the hair of Albert Einstein, this lemur is an odd sight indeed.

Best Hang-out: Zanzibar-dine on seafood in historic Stone Town, laze on powdery white beaches, and swim in crystal clear waters.

Pristine Beach East ZanzibarImage via Wikipedia

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