Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Greenway Walk to Coffee

A photo of a cup of coffee.Image via Wikipedia

Most mornings we take our newspaper and books, and walk somewhere for coffee. Come along through the North Carolina morning with us on one of our favorite walks.
First you have to cross the stream to get out of the apartment complex.
Then it is up and onto the greenway.

Past the middle school with a very unique nickname.
A typical greenway scene.
The journey takes us through a city park.
The trail to the left goes to downtown Cary. We are going right.Often see snails and snakes cross here.
The greenways pass under the roads.
Our destination.
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  1. Four things I like about this. Walking on stones across the creek. Lots of trees. going under roads. The Imps as a nickname.

  2. Well, it sure isn't Grand River, Okemos, or Hamilton Road!!! We are jealous....but our Colorado River walk in the winter is pretty darn cool.... seriously, it looks beautiful. We have used the greenway behind Ange's house so I know how wonderful it is to have the connected trails with no car noise ....