Thursday, November 18, 2010

Escape From Ohio

Can You figure out what I have in common with these three individuals pictured here?

They are: Chief Newcomer of the Delaware Indian tribe that when the fur trapping gave out moved to the Ohio Valley, and eventually to a reservation in Oklahoma.

Woody Hayes the legendary Ohio State football coach.

Cy Young the major league all time leader in wins, who has the award to the season's best pitcher named after him.

The answer is Newcomertown, Ohio. They lived there. Leslie and I spent a cold, dark, rainy, night there earlier this week on our way home from North Carolina.

The other notable event of the trip home happened in Virginia, near the West Virginia border where we had dramatic fog, with visibility close to zero. We survived that scary trip through the mountains, but not everybody did, as 77 cars and trucks were involved in several crashes, resulting in two deaths, and the closing the I77 for 10 hours. We were lucky.

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