Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Destination: Carolina Coffee

Come with us on our ten minute walk to downtown Chapel Hill, and our favorite: The Carolina Coffee Shop. First we leave the apartment. That's us on the lower level left.

Looking back at our apartment from across the grass, and past the gazebo, and tennis court.

Down into the ravine. We have been warned to watch out for snakes once the weather warms up.
Up onto the other side of the ravine, and the trail continues.

Like most trails around here, it goes up and up ........

Through the bamboo.

Take a right, and head toward civilization.

We are going to turn left toward town. Notice the gain in altitude continues.

Heading down Henderson Street for two blocks.

McCorkle Place and the University of North Carolina campus is across the street.

We head down Franklin Street, which is the main street in Chapel Hill.

Almost there, it is across the street with the Carolina blue awning. The inside has dark wood, and lots of charm.

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