Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bad Chemistry

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It started last October in the first round of the baseball playoffs with a grand slam home run by James Loney of the Dodgers. Before that swing the dreams of the Cubs Nation were still alive. The Cubs had won 97 games, the best in the National League, and had easily won the Central Division Championship. Maybe, just maybe, it was finally going to happen. Then, suddenly, with that home run every true Cubs fan knew deep down that it was over, and it was, as the Dodgers easily went on to sweep the series.

The one thing all Cubs fans have, besides a lot of scar tissue, is hope. OK, so this was not "the year," just bring everybody back, and with all this talent we are sure to get it done next year.
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The winter progressed, and things began to come apart. First they failed to sign Kerry Wood, the player that most personified the Cubs, and then they traded, for almost next to nothing, Mark DeRosa, the team leader and fan favorite. With out these strong personalities and their great work ethic what would the clubhouse be like?

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Then subtraction by addition. The team signed Milton Bradley. He had been trouble where ever he played, and in a clubhouse that needed leadership and direction this was the wrong move.

Almost everyone picked the Cubs to win the division, and many had them going to the world series. No question the talent was there. I, like all Cubs fans, wanted to believe, but the doubt was also there. This team should have lapped the Cardinals, and be winning the division easily, but instead they languish around a .500 winning percentage and trail the Cards by 9 games.CHICAGO - OCTOBER 06:  Aramis Rameriez #16 of ...

Yes, there were a lot of injuries, and some very strange occurrences, but chalk this season up to bad chemistry, not bad luck. It

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is time to make some changes. We need players with the right attitude. They may not be as talented, but ones who play the game right. And, while they are at it, bring in Ryne Sandberg to be the manager.

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