Monday, August 17, 2009

First Baseball Card

Ryan recently completed his first baseball season. It was called T-Tots, and this was the first year that T-ball was offered to the 3 year old sub culture.

The rules were kept simple: there was no keeping score, the parents could go around the bases with the players, and be with them when they were in the field, and the only defensive play was at first base. When everyone had been up to bat the teams switched sides. The games were limited to one hour in length.

It was fun to watch. Once a ball was hit everyone went after it, including the batter. A lot of shouting, and encouragement eventually got the batter to first base. When a train went by the game just stopped, as it held much more interest to the players than the contest. The most enthusiasm seemed to be generated by the treats at the end of the game.

Overall, I think it was a positive experience for Ryan. It planted the idea that baseball and sports are fun.

Did you notice that he was on the Cubs? How cool is that?
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