Monday, January 30, 2012

Come With Us on a Neighborhood Walk to Coffee

The walk begins at our Cary, North Carolina apartment above the garage.

We are walking through the neighborhood
A few stops along the way to look at the flowers. The mild winter has the trees and flowers starting to bloom already.

There is always another hill to climb.

Enter onto the greenway.
The peaceful greenway
A stop at the large wooded roundabout.
Onto the sidewalk with Leslie setting the pace.
Past the Cary high School.
No stopping at the bookstore. Well, maybe just for a minute.
Doing push ups while she waits for Tom to come out of the bookstore.
We have arrived at the coffee shop.
Nice way to start the day.

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1 comment:

  1. What a nice walk! The hills, scenery is just like I remember from my trips down there. I am not sure what the "natives" are saying about the winter there, but what you are experiencing is what my friends that live there say...INCLUDING mowing that time of the year! Coffee shop, Book Store, HEY! what else do you want! ha! Van