Thursday, January 19, 2012

Above a Garage, Below the Mason-Dixon Line

Welcome to this year's apartment in North Carolina. This year we are in Cary, about 10 minutes from our kids. Our apartment is in a house in quiet neighborhood with large trees. We are enjoying walking to coffee shops, malls, and parks. We particularly enjoy our walks that take us down Cary's beautiful greenways.
Pictured above is our dining space, and the double windows that light our living area.
The one person kitchen, or no person, if the oven door is open. The room is also enhanced by the absence of a dishwasher.
Very comfortable sofa with skylight above, and not so comfortable chair (not pictured).
This room is large enough to include a yoga corner, and a play area for Ryan.
The view from our deck.

Last year we enjoyed Chapel Hill, but the traffic, and driving to Cary drove us crazy. This year, being in a house in a neighborhood, makes it feel more like home.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Tom glad you are getting all settled and enjoying the neighborhood. Today is cold and windy here it snowed early this morning about one to two inches but it has all blown in to piles. Keep us posted! Phyllis

  2. Any deer in that backyard?