Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sand Point Sand Bar

The beach at Sand Point near Munising is one of our favorite places. It is usually the first place we visit on every trip.

Last September the sand bar which usually requires a dramatic, and cold swim to reach was actually connected to the shore line.

It allowed us to walk out onto the sand bar, and therefore out into the bay.

Leslie kept going, and it appears she is almost to Grand Island.

Last week we returned, and our first stop was once again Sand Point.

But the sand bar is no longer connected, and is once again out in the bay.

The founding members of the "Sand Point Fan Club."


  1. I remember you telling me about this (the sand bar being connected to the land) a while back....I enjoyed seeing the pictures of that story. It is as nice as I imagined! So,now is the club up to 2 members? Ha! vr

  2. Thanks for being consistent with the comments. Sand Point is a special place. It is so wild, so accessible, and often so empty of people.