Friday, May 1, 2009

Win Half, Lose Half

It was a so so April for the Cubs (10-11). I have had my worries about this year, but every publication, and expert predicted them to win the division. I did not want to be the only skeptic. Last year went so smoothly, with no injuries, and a great team attitude, that it makes sense that this year was going to be much rougher. The first month seems to confirm that.

Players of the month:
1. Ryan Theriot for leading the league in hitting, and still is well above .300. Always will remember his days as a Lugnut, when David was the first to call him "The Riot."

2. Reed Johnson for the CATCH in Milwaukee in front of Cayle and Tracy.

3. Alfonso Soriano for the lead off home runs, wearing his uniform socks the correct length.

1 comment:

  1. Once he was named player of the month Theriot went out and hit two home runs to celebrate, including a grand slam.