Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Woodland Garden

On the north side of the house (shady side) we have some native plants that are doing well. Here is a look at some of them.

The Trillium

The May Apple

Twinleaf (Jeffersonisa) This came from the Monticello Gardens-a ancestor of a plant Thomas Jefferson planted.

The fern forest

The emerging huge Jack in the Pulpit we brought with us from Okemos

Columbine-the state flower of Colorado

Out of control already-the Wisteria is headed for the roof and and under the shutters.

Out of control #2-We have trimmed this thing twice already.

Let us finish with the newly arrived plants for the flower boxes in front.


  1. Everything looks so nice! Love your choice of flowers! I thnk you two have done a "bang-up" job - this year with the new covering of bark which really make the plants stand out. The area around the house is now looking the BEST ever! vr

  2. Thanks! It was nice that we did not have to start the whole garden. We could maintain, and improve, and learn as we go.