Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five Falls

A look at some of the waterfalls around Munising.

Alger Falls: This is mostly a slow down, and look at waterfall, as you drive by on M28. It is located at the bottom of the hill just as you enter Munising.

Munising Falls: Along with the Pictured Rocks boat cruise, this is the other "main attraction" in Munising.

Miners Falls: A .6 mile walk leads you to these thundering falls, and a set of steps take you down, so you can get up close and personal. It is located near Miners Castle.

Wagner Falls: A short stroll leads you this small, but somehow soothing waterfall.

Scott Falls: This unique falls is located just off M28 on the way into Autrain.

That is the main five falls, but my personal favorite does not even have an official name. It is located at the end of Miners Beach, and is a nice reward at the end of nice walk.


  1. Tom, next time in Munising, go to the end of five mile point road. Take the two track to the coast of Lake Superior. We called it "Paradise" as teenagers. Nice sandstone formations. Great place to watch a summer storm blow in. The overhangs act as "blow holes"

  2. Rick, thanks for the information. That sounds just like my kind of place. We will be back in a couple of weeks and will check it out. Not exactly sure where five mile point road is though.