Monday, June 1, 2009

Miners Castle and Beach

There are two places that we must visit every time we are at the cabin in Munising. One is Sand Point, which I blogged about earlier, and the other is Miners Castle, and nearby Miners Beach.

Miners Castle is arguably the best known landmark in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We enjoy its many moods, and colors in the different seasons of the year. Part of the formation collasped in 2006, greatly altering its appearance.

There is a one mile trail that leads from Miners Castle to Miners Beach, which we have taken a least 50 times. Actually, one can drive to the beach, but only if one is a wimp, or has a one year old child along.

Miners River flows into Lake Superior at one end of the beach, and there is a nice little waterfall at the other end.

Miners River

The river joins Lake Superior


Whoops! Soft Sand.

The Beach.

The Waterfall.
It is also a great place to just lean back and stare at the greatest of the Great Lakes.


  1. Beautiful! No wonder so many fall in love with this area! Been there once, would love to go again... vr

  2. You can return many times because each season provides its own kind of beauty.