Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Upside Down Tree

Recently at the library I picked up the book Remarkable Trees of the World by Thomas Parkenham, and have been enjoying it. My favorite so far is the Baobab.

Some baobab fun facts:
  • You can find baobabs in 20 African countries south of the Sahara.
  • Nobody knows, within 1000 years, how old the more ancient specimens are because the old trees are hollow, and the the surviving tree rings too faint to count.
  • It apparently can suddenly disappear when it succumbs to spontaneous combustion.
  • Among many African peoples the tree is believed to be the home of their ancestral spirits.
  • It appears that the tree has its roots sticking up like branches, hence the nickname:upside down tree.
  • The leaves are shaped like the human hand, therefore the species name: digitata.


  1. Apparently one of the characters live in a Baobob tree in the Lion King which we are going to see soon.

  2. Nice post, I love trees for their variety, beauty, importance, and the truth is you just can't have a forest without them.

  3. And sometimes those trees get in the way of seeing a forest.