Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What is With the Name?

In 1856 when the Michigan State campus was first being carved out of the forest, it was in the now famous "oak opening" where the first three buildings were built. We now lovingly call that oak opening the "sacred space." Those first buildings were "Old College Hall"(bottom), the dorm called Saints Rest, (middle ) and a horse barn. (top)

This blog is about "openings," in this case viewed as opportunities, and explorations in this rapidly changing and always entertaining life. It will also have some history, some discoveries, some pictures, some thoughts, some ideas, and hopefully some wisdom. Come along for the ride, and feel free to comment on anything at anytime.


  1. You can name all the Gettysburg park rangers? So, you are where Cayle gets it from. 8-)

    I like the blog. You may want to change the brown, 70's, floral wall paper in the background to something that fits your taste. Maybe in April when you come visit?

    Your favorite daughter-in-law

  2. Yes,I agree about the wall paper. I did not notice the floral print at first, just the colors, which I kind of liked. The dark brown matches the walls of my library/office.